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- Develop Pearl inspection system
- 3D auto accurate inspection of X-Ray in Multi chip package (MCP) of fusion inspection.
- Develop SMT industry in 2D auto inspection and auto measurement system : Off-Line)
- Support total solution in EV battery Line (J/R and Cell internal inspection)
- Develop Low power X-Ray inspection system
- Develop Dual Energy inspection system for Food industry


- Launch D series for FSCAN (improvement of detection)
- Register of Auto setting system for FSCAN / Patent
- Launch LSI flip-chip micro size inspection system
- TSV Via Hall X-ray CT inspection system
- Develop and launch for high power inspection of Die-Casting
- Develop and launch for high speed inspection for mobile phone battery (Speed 180ppm)
- Develop PCB/SMT/Semiconductor high accuracy CT 3D
- Develop PCB/SMT and electronic parts CT inspection
- Develop PCB inspection sys for FPCB
- Develop XCAN-9860 L : for semiconductor industry