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Goal of the Company

XAVIS is abbreviation of X-ray Automatic Vision Inspection System. The company was established by specialists with Extensive and prolonged period of experience in development for apparatus used for X-ray and Machine Vision, and factory automation (FA). We aim to provide improvement in quality, securing of quality stabilization and improve effective man power of your company by automating the inspection and assembly process, which innovate the solution of bottleneck issue.

Core Technology
Main business industry

lineDevelopment of automated X-ray detection equipment

lineDevelopment of the Food/Medicinal Substance, and Packaging Testing Device

lineDevelopment of Automatic Testing Device and Auto Assembling for
    Electronic Product Manufacturing Processes
    (Cellular Phones, LCD, Semiconductor, Digital TV, Batteries, Flip Chips, PCB etc.)

lineDevelopment of Auto Testing Device for Machine Product Manufacturing Processes

lineDevelopment of Vision System and S/W of Factory Automation(FA) equipment

lineDevelopment of System operation S/W of Factory Automation(FA) equipment

Management philosophy

lineMake contribution towards the welfare of mankind by enabling laborers to enjoy life through automation
    technology and by providing profitable management conditions for the entrepreneurs

Organizational Structure of the Company
Organizational Structure of the Company