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BGA IC Soldering Technology

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BGA IC Soldering Technology
The Overview of X-Ray Inspection System
The Criteria for Judging of Pass or Fail of Soldering
Repair Process
The Applications of X-Ray Inspection Technology
Hidden Solder Joint (ex BGA)
Densely Packed Solder Joint (ex BGA) which is difficult of Test Probe Installation
Areas for which the Vision Camera Photography is difficult due to the Mirror Surface
(ex, Solder Joint Monitoring Equipments after processing of the Reflow Oven)
Advantages : Fast Inspection (VS. The Destructive Inspection)
The Purpose of Use
The Detection of the Defects :
The Main Inspection Items: bridging, open, insufficient, excess, missing balls, misregistration,
package "popcorning",
The Processing Failure Analysis :
Trend Analysis: solder volume, solder joint shape
The Quality Analysis
For the Effective Inspection
- X-Ray Images Taking Technology
- X-Ray Images Analysis Technology
The X-Ray Images Taking Technology (Solder Joint Inspection Area)
Figure 46 X-Ray Laminography Images of CBGA Solder Joints
Figure 46 X-Ray Laminography
Images of CBGA Solder Joints
Ffilm based X-ray Inspection
Real time X-ray system
The Overcome of the Weakness of Film Based Technology
Having some problems of Voltage Blooming, Pincushion Distortion
→ The Overcome with Flat Detector Technology,
    (Flat Detector is expensive)
The Various Diverse Sizes :
Desk Top ~ 10 M x 10 M
The Various Voltage Ranges :
the Several kV ~ the Several Hundreds of kV
the Appropriate Voltages for BGA Inspection?
the Structure of Copper Thermal Radiator
- the Higher Voltage Needed
High-Sensitivity Camera - the Lower Voltage Needed
Real time X-ray system
Figure 44 X-Ray Can Be Used to
Detect BGA Package "Popcorning"
(Pincushion Distortion)
SAM(scanning Acoustic Microscopy)
Ultrasonic, the Inspection by dipping in medium (like water, alcohol), 230 MHz → 25 μGap
A-SAM - Point
B-SAM - Line
C-SAM - Surface
Effective for the Voids Inspection of the inside of the Under Fill
SAM(scanning Acoustic Microscopy)
Feeler Gage
Gap Gauge, the Measurement for
the Stand-Off of the Rectangular Corner,
Inaccuracy, Convenience, Low Cost
BGA Stand-off measurement
Laser, Contact Sensor
reflow - uniformity,
0.75mm ball
0.60mm → 0.45 mm , after reflow
Destructiveanalysis methods
At the Solving Problem Perspective,
Destructive of Samples
Molding with Resin → the Location Estimate
Being cases of accidental occurrence of the Open
and Crack in the process of the Inspection.
Dye Penetrant
Inspection by penetrating with dye
and  fluorescent material (UV Light)
Real time X-ray system
Feeler Gage 틈새 게이지, 사각 모퉁이 Stand-off 측정, 부정확 간편, low cost
The BGA inspection by XAVIS X-Ray Inspection System :
- Highly Efficient and Low Price System to Inspect for the Hidden Solder Joint, Densely Packed Solder Joint, Open, Crack,   Missing which Do Not Cause the Destructive Products.
- Give Very Clear & Precise Images comparing to the Other X-Ray Makers
- Check Xavis website for more information of BGA Inspection